How I improved my learning skills

As a developer I have started to realise, my spare time is important. It is a time when you can brush up on your knowledge and find new things to learn that look cool or like they help your current projects.

I like to spend my time wisely, so I decided to do a couple of things that I thought would increase my learning potential and thus increase my developer skills and nknowledge.

My Journey to work

My journey to work is long, just over an hour and two trains. So I decided while i am on the train I will read hacker news for latest stuff. This means I now spend 2 hours a day doing, what I would call research on the latest technology and practises, and coming across some really good blogs that can be catalysts for ideas or thinking.

Changing the way we tend to think

I, like a lot of people used to have the belief that it was all about the language, but it is not, its not that hard to learn a new syntax if you have the core fundamentals of programming nailed. This is crucial to my learning process, its like a brick wall that you will just keep hitting.


To cement what I have been learning into my brain, I set up little projects, that utilise what I have learnt. For me, this is the best way to learn a language or technique, by practise. You get used to writing it, reading it, and finding out why its going wrong through practising. The most harmful trait I have seen in a developer is the fear of new things and I think it would be impossible to learn effective if you think like that.

I like to learn, but I also like to learn effectively, and since I have been optimising my learning technique I have noticed a massive improvement, and learning itself is a skill that gets better with practise.

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