Having pride in your work

We walk the streets where we live a million times in our lifetime but we rarely stop to notice what were actually walking past. One day I decided to notice, as I walked through Birmingham city centre I noticed what an Ugly and half arsed place it is. I mean there are buildings that look like they are yet to be finished... However there are also buildings that have amazing sense of culture and workmanship. 

Having pride in your job

No matter how important you think your job is, having a sense of pride in it is important. It seperates a good job from a bad job, when people have pride in what they do, they do it properly. In england I think we have forgotten what this is, we seem to be doing the job as fast as we can for the money rather than for culture or beauty, and this results in the job being done half arsed. 

If its worth doing...

Being a programmer, writing nice code is an important part of my job, and anyone that says it isn't, well they are not programmers. When you write messy code you are causing issues in the future, when you dont do the job properly from the start you are planting ticking time bombs that you will have to defuse in the future. It translates the same with any job too.

Just Imagine...

A world where everyone does a job properly, and takes pride in it, imagine how clean the streets would be, imagine how nice buildings would look and how effecient machines and electronics would work... at the moment all we can do is imagine. 

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