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Hi, my name is Daniel Cox

I'm a Freelance web developer from Kidderminster, West Midlands. I Specialize in back end PHP development, using both Laravel Framework and Symfony 2.

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A framework where we focus on Testability, reliability and balancing speed with features.

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Phalcon CLI Toolset

A CLI toolset to enhance the Phalcon framework experience. Includes useful helpers and command testi...

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Alice CLI

Alice is a modular command line framework, It can help with deploying websites, building skeleton pr...

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Config Builder

A Set of classes that help raise/edit/convert configuration files, ideal for frameworks who rely on...

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Schedule platform

A locally hosted site that can manage your schedule and build you new schedules base on how many hou...

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Validator - a jQuery Validation plugin

This is a jQuery validation plugin that I built, it allows you to require fields based on other fiel...

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